FBI Director James Comey Contacts Trump With Massive Hacking Revelation!

James Comey

James Comey

FBI Director James Comey has asked President-Elect Trump to keep him in the loop over  the Russian hacking scandal.

Early Comey  told Trump that the Russians were in NO WAY involved in the final result of the 2016 elections.

He also pointed out that the FBI is not the only organization that came to this conclusion.

As James Comey explained, the director of the National Intelligence Agency, James Clapper, also confirmed to not have found any proof that the Russians meddled in the elections outcome. Comey went on to claiming that the only person who saw this happening was CIA Director John Brennan.

“And Brennan takes his orders from President Obama,” said the source, and quoted Comey. Comey figured the only reason this happened is because someone was trying to undermine Trump and give more credit to Clinton.

As we learned, Comey told trump that the FBI is very dedicated in neutralizing the Russian involvement in almost everything happening in America.

In Comey’s mind, the DNC hacking was performed by hackers that had no connection to the Russians whatsoever. And if the FBI was monitoring the occurrences, the Russians would not have been able to act as said before.

“It’s also unclear,” the sources said, “why Putin would have preferred dealing with Donald Trump, who has promised a major military buildup, over Hillary Clinton, who would have continued Barack Obama’s cautious policies toward the Kremlin.”

For this reason, Donald Trump promised to strengthen the United States Military.

Clapper and Comey were the first public service officials who spoke directly about the issue and were not afraid to stand their ground. This, surely placed them in direct argument with Obama and the liberals.

The liberals are not expected to stop with this, not even when Trump is sworn in. However, blaming someone for the stupidities you did will not make you look any better.

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