Black-Lives-Matter LEADER Arrested For Stealing Liquor From Walmart!

Surprise Surprise. While we frequently hear reports on crimes committed by African-Americans which are label “Black Lives Matter” here we have an ACTUAL Black Lives Matter leader who engaged in criminal behavior himself along with a minor.

Fresno, CA BLM leader Justice “Rene-Anthony” Medina was arrested in November of 2015 for stealing 5 bottles of wine, tequila, and bourbon from an area Walmart.

Medina was with a minor who helped him with the theft. They also stole 2 tubes of K-Y lubricant.

Medina’s criminal case number is M15931850 | The People of the State of California vs. Justice Rene Anthony Medina. The court documents can be seen on Fresno courts’ public portal here.

GotNews obtained the police report.



Here’s a photo of the arresting officer’s report.


Images of the stolen items were made public by Fresno Police.


Here’s some background on Medina.

Back in July, ABC News 30 ran a positive story about the BLM protest organizer. The title of the story is, “Organizer Of Black Lives Matter March Holds Community Meeting In Hopes To Spark Change.” Medina can be seen being removed from the city council meeting in the screenshot below.


ABC 30 forgot to mention Medina’s criminal history, though. Pretty convenient, aye? I call that fake news by omission.

Medina organized an 8-mile BLM march to protest the shootings of African-Americans by Fresno police. He was arrested for holding the march without a permit. He also addressed Fresno City Council regarding the shootings.

When Medina went over the 3-minute public comment time his microphone was cutoff. Medina then shouted at council members saying, “They don’t stand here for us you can kick me the f*** out, because I don’t care!”

Watch ABC 30’s report.

ABC 30 also covered Medina’s protest march which took place on July 9th, 2016. Medina is interviewed at the 1:34 minute mark in the video.

Here are a few photos of the protest that Medina posted on his Facebook.

Here’s Medina with a bullhorn, no doubt shouting anti-cop BS.

Medina apparently sells t-shirts to combat “police brutality.” Here’s a post from his Facebook account where he models with one of the shirts.

Medina is also a musician who promotes his anti-cop message through rap.

Here’s a song he wrote called “Welcome to AmeriKKKa.”

The case against Medina was dismissed after he served community service time.

So there ya have it. An “upstanding” criminal “thug” is one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter.

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