These Are The Countries That Helped Clinton In The Elections!

Hillary Clinton wanted to conduct an investigation about the involvement of Russia in the election the process.

Well, Tim Young gave out a list of countries from around the world that actually ‘meddled’ in the elections for Clinton.

The list is provided by Weasel Zippers, so have a look:

Well, that is a big list of countries! Maybe we should look at these huge donations before we start blaming the Russians?

Let’s have a look at the Uranium One Deal which happened while Clinton served as Secretary of State during which she transferred about 20 percent of the American uranium control over to the Russians.

If the election transparency is looked at in detail, we should also pay attention to the ‘ghosts’ that voted for her and gave her bonus points. And shall we continue with the deceased people and the remaining manipulations the lefties performed?

The lefties, alongside Clinton should be more concerned about this right now.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton, received tons of money from foreign countries that engage into people trafficking and are violent towards children, homosexuals, religious minorities, ethnic minorities, and others.

While the conservatives kept worried about this happening, the lefties got their support from the media and remained silent.

Well, now they have started this chase, so we’re in for the play. We surely expect more false news roaming the media outlets, but as long as we got facts, the got scratch.


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