WOW Only 31 States Have Passed Laws Making English Their Official Language!

30 States

30 States

In the US, only 31 states have accepted the English language as their official language, while in the rest of the country, there has not been an official selection of language yet.

These states have mandated that English is only used to teach students: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, and many others.

English is the most spoken language on the planet. It is used for general communication and understanding between foreigners and native English speakers.

Some Americans do not respect this and sometimes, when other languages are in question, translators are employed so the companies can avoid being sued.

It is only natural that if you come into a certain country you speak their mother tongue.

So, how about not employing translators or talking into the kids’ mother tongue, we start by teaching those kids English.

All schools have to teach in English and the kids who are having problems with learning the language, should be taking English lessons.

Sometimes, the heritage comes into question when the language is concerned. This sounds very liberal-like, but the immigrants have come to America to be a part of this country- and they have to start at the language if that is the case.

Keeping you culture signifies to stay within your culture- you cannot play both sides.


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