Cigars for Warriors: What We Must NOT Forget!

Cigars for Warriors

Cigars for Warriors

The lefties are mad again at something that is a time honored tradition of our troops.

It’s about “Operation: Cigars for Warriors,” which is responsible for sending cigars to our servicemen overseas, and the problem is that it’s receiving lots of donations.

This traditions which gives cigars to the military has existed since the founding of America. Even retired Army Master Sgt. Rich Giero pointed out that he has been a smoker since he was 14.

“Plus, Clint Eastwood smoked cigars, and that was definitely cool,” Giero stated for  Stars and Stripes.

This is more than a nicotine business according to the “Tali-banned Cigar Aficionado Club” (in Kabul, Afghanistan), regardless of the reason behind it.
It represents a way of communicating, forming of bonds and friendships and the smell and taste of home.

The name of the group comes from the story of the Islamist Taliban, who once forbid smoking, internet use and TV.

However, Kabul is deeply related to this vice and depends on it as a factor for forming the community.

Cigars for Warriors, the other operation, is in charge of sending free premium smokes to deployed U.S. service members. As the soldiers said, cigars were the most demanded supply of all.

As of May 2012, the 389 members group, has supplied the troops with more than 700,000 free cigars to deployed troops, all of which were requested by the men and women in the forces.

Congress has expressed certain bipartisan backing for the group. People like Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor of Florida and Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, a Marine Corps reservist who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, are asking for relief from donations to troops from new Food and Drug Administration. This has been one of the efforts to restrict cigarettes.

Hunter expressed his opinion in a letter addressed to the FDA and said that their prohibition was “unacceptable,” since it provides stress-free environment and boosts the synergy.

While waiting for this to happen, all tobacco companies are forbidden from contributing to the Cigars for Warriors organization.

This need is filled by private donations, but it doesn’t seem to be sufficient.

Storm Boen, a retired Army first sergeant, stated that he initiated the Cigars for Warriors since the practice of smoking cigarettes has been known to help the soldiers to fight better, stay clear-minded and perform even more.

He left the Army in 2014, after which he concluded that smoking cigarettes was the closest thing “to the brotherhood I miss,” he said. “And I mean brotherhood in a fairly generic sense, because there are so many female smokers.”

The president of the cigar club in Kabul is Army Maj. Cassie Daily, and she stated that she has been smoking since her 2003 deployment to Camp Cuervo, Iraq.

Since this moment, she was deployed to two bases but no cigars- Forward Operating Base Rushmore in Afghanistan and Camp Anaconda in Iraq. here, she started smoking on her own and confirmed that smoking for her is “only a deployment crave.”


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