Hillary Clinton spent $1.2 BILLION to lose the election!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton spent an incredible amount of money just to lose an election. It’s hard to imagine but she spent a whopping $1.2 BILLION that’s, exactly double Trump’s $600 Million.

Much of that was spent spree to try and smear Trump’s name anyway she could. In the last few weeks election she blew $130 Million in a last ditch effort to win that failed miserably!

Obviously Hillary and her supporters that she thought could just buy an election. Fortunately the people were able to see through this and her rich backers to reject her on election day.

And now her backers are mad that she blew the election, with many Democrat donors have decided they are DONE saying that they are done with the party.

And rightly so as it looks like Donald Trump will be a shoe in for the 2020 presidential race!

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