Larry Lessig Unites With California Law Firm To Stop Trump

Larry Lessig

Larry Lessig

Larry Lessig is a Harvard Law professor and leftist activist who has joined forces with a Californian law firm with the sole purpose to stop the Trump’s inauguration in January. For those who don’t know Lessig also works for George Soros. Do we need to add anything more than this? 

Soros has been funding to shut down the electoral college. And Lessig is said to have designed a scheme that is supposed to blow up the electoral process.

As The Federalist Papers Project reports, “Electors Trust” promised “free and confidential” legal services to electors who would vote against people’s choice for president.

Breitbart reports:

Lessig says his new effort, which he calls “The Electors Trust,” will provide free counsel to electors, provided by the midsize firm, Durie Tangri, whose partner Mark Lemley is a longtime associate of Lessig’s.

More significantly, Lessig said, the Trust will offer a platform – with guaranteed anonymity – for electors to strategize about stopping Trump from taking the White House. It’s a platform, he said, that could help electors coordinate to determine whether they’ve gathered enough support to stop Trump from winning the presidency.

“It makes no sense to be elector number five who comes out against Trump. But it might make sense to be elector 38,” Lessig said in a phone interview.

In other words, the Electors Trust will defend electors who will violate state law and vote “no.”

“We will defend you against any fines or legal claims that might threaten the freedom of your vote,” their website promises.

Lessig explained his “final destination” on

With their permission, the electors can allow others to know that they are considering a vote of conscience. But that information will not include either their identity or their state. Our primary objective is to provide a safe and confidential legal context in which electors can seek advice and support, and depending on the facts, an opportunity to litigate to defend their freedom.

Lessig admitted to encourage anyone who will betray Americans, and prevent any unwanted consequences for the traitor.

Do you think Lessig will pull out his idea? Will he succeed to push Trump down?


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