Donald Trump Holds Rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana And Makes 2020 Announcement!

Donald Trump Rally in Baton Rouge

Donald Trump Rally in Baton Rouge

You may have been wondering ever since Trump beat Hillary to become President of the US is “Will he run again in 2020?” Well, the answer is…YES!!

Donald Trump stopped in Louisiana to say “Thank You” when he decided to make light of the fact that, for the first time, he is NOT trying to get any votes before he said that he plans to run for re-election in 2020!!

Now he didn’t go into details, instead, he talked about what is important to him right now. Things like bringing back jobs, securing our borders, and creating new opportunities for black communities to succeed.

Of course, these rallies are more than they seem. In reality, Trump is very close to being able to secure his cabinet and judges without any Democrat interference. In fact, all he really needs now is for Louisiana Senator John Kennedy to win his race on Saturday. (H/T – Daily Mail)

So let’s give Donald Trump and America a hand at taking our country back by sharing this out so every person in Louisiana knows how important it is to vote!!

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