The U.S. House Is Voting To Impeach John Koskine And Obama Goes LIVID!

John Koskine

John Koskine

The Conservatives are almost ready to conduct a full vote on the impeachment of President Barack Obama’s IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Koskinen has been caught lying under oath during his testimony related to the intended targeting of private citizens. This all happened alongside other conservative groups and national Tea Party organizations.

As Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated, he plans on introducing a resolution in order to impeach Koskinen, by including a full vote planned for this week.

“John Koskinen needs to be held accountable,” the Ohio Republican said at a forum hosted by Judicial Watch. “Later today on the House floor, we will make the motion to impeach Mr. Koskinen.”

The intention is for Jordan’s plan to result in impeachment resolution. This will further on require an action by House in only two days.

In case the lawmakers challenged it by filing a motions, there would be a vote on that motion, and this would become a proxy vote for impeachment.

The conclusion of the resolution has not yet been determined. The House majority would be able to impeach someone, yet the Democrats are expected not to accept the impeachment. Furthermore, numerous House GOP lawmakers are having second thoughts on impeaching Koskinen, stating that his deeds are not suited for Congress to take such step.

If it turns out that the House does impeach him, the trial shall be expected to begin in the Senate. Still, a bipartisan will be needed to support the Senate, since the votes for a full conviction are not sufficient enough. Having in mind that trump voted, certain Democrats may be encouraged to act otherwise.

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