Mike Pence Just INSULTED Obama – ‘This Is How You Honor Vets Mr. President!’

mike pence

mike pence

Vice-president elect Mike Pence has been one of Trump’s best choices for his cabinet, despite what Ann Coulter’s said during that time, that this was a controversial decision.

One of the first things Pence did when he was put in charge of Trump’s transition team was to discard all lobbyists and place new rules that will ensure that lobbyists will have no influence in Trump’s administration.

One of the big differences between Obama and Pence is that Pence knows how to show respect four our veterans.

On Wednesday, Mike appeared, unannounced at a WWII memorial because he did not want to draw attention on himself, but rather leave it for the U.S. veterans.

Here’s what one official remarked.

“Pence wanted to sit in the audience and not be recognized.”

“He wanted his presence to be a gesture of respect to the veterans in attendance.”

“If the event was placed on the Vice President-elect’s official schedule, Secret Service would have had to lockdown the entire area, subjecting the veterans in attendance, some in wheelchairs, to metal detectors and other invasive security procedures.”

Mike left a wreath, honored the vets, and left deferentially, just as he arrived. This is how one expresses his respect to the men and women in uniform. Kudos to Pence. Kudos to the veterans.

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