Sheriff Clarke Goes After The Real Originators of “Fake News”!

Sheriff Clarke’s Gets New Position

Sheriff Clarke’s Gets New Position

Donald Trump killed Hillary’s dreams of becoming the President of the United States, and the biased media hit him hard.

They wouldn’t accept that Clinton was an unfit candidate, so they started making stories on the “fake news” that brought Trump a huge victory.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke took didn’t remain silent on the issue, and blasted the lamestream media’s stories on the “fake news.”

David A. Clarke Jr.

Clarke tweeted a critic towards several mainstream media outlets. He wrote about the original beginning of the “fake news” trend. It’s the very same media that used the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative from the Ferguson shooting which of course, was false as well.

“‘Fake news’ was born in August 2014 in Ferguson MO. when (MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN) all propagated the Hands up, Don’t shoot lie,” Clarke wrote.

These networks used the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative claiming that the police shot Michael Brown while he had his hands up in the air. They also said that the police didn’t even bother to check its credibility. The Washington Post admitted the real intention, but it was already too late.

Did they forgot that Brian Williams got a six-month suspension after faking a story about landing in Iraq under fire? And he sure was a big name back then.

Fake news does exist, and we live in a viral world full of evil people. Sometimes it’s all a result of a huge mistake.

But, sometimes the liberal media release fake news just because someone decided to spread hate. Remember what the media wrote during the election season? All those misinterpreted comments? And edited quotes? The worst thing is that we saw it all. It was out there, more than obvious.

So, instead of criticizing the alternative media sites, the libs should see their reflection in the mirror. Who’s the king of all fakers, huh?

Don’t you think we deserve to know the truth, and stop funding those who release lies? We need REAL media, not that bunch of idiots who get paid for inventing stories.



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