Mike Pence Destroys George Stephanopoulos In This MUST Watch Video!

George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos

The Liberals refuse to admit there polices have failed, and are to scare to accept and adapt to change. They are also huge fans of the Muslim refugees and want to bring them in as many as they can before Trump takes Office.

Fortunately the conservatives will never agree to that or allow this to happen.

Donald Trump is set to make America great again, and he has strong political intentions to repair everything the Democrats left ruined.

The media however are strongly supporting the liberals polices of the democrats so most of these horrific stories never saw the light of day on air.

However, Trump put up with it and managed to secure a powerful win.

Donald Trump addressed the Chinese via a direct message during the period he spoke to the leader of Taiwan.

Our previous democrat leader were afraid to upset the Chinese and so they kept quiet when serious politics was concerned.

Now, Mike Pence made an appearance on a Sunday TV show and stood behind Trump and his words and basically made a mockery of George Stephanopoulos.

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