Legislators Make Law To Prohibit Pointless Recounts That Waste Tax Payers Money!

Wisconsin recount

Wisconsin recount

Most U.S. citizens are angry over Jill Stein’s attempt to start a vote recount in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – battleground states that Trump clearly won on election night.

In Michigan, taxpayers wasted millions for the vote recount, and some legislators tried to introduce a bill that will disable something similar from happening again.

A legislation that passed the Michigan Electoral Committee on Tuesday will make it so that nominees who have, or will lose an election by more than 5% will have to pay for the vote recounts themselves.

Presently, Michigan regulations state that nominees who wish for a recount and have lost the election by more than 0.5%, have to pay $125 per district in order for the recount to happen, which means that Jill payed around $1 million for the recount and Michigan taxpayers paid around $4 million.

The law will prevent people like Stein from exploiting the taxpayers ever again, making sure that fanatic liberals that stand behind Stein will basically have to finance the recount themselves.

To be able to ask for a vote recount is an integral part of our democracy. However, Stein’s efforts just seek to take advantage of the system, as long as they don’t have to cash the dough.

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