‘The View’ Women Have A Mental Breakdown On Air!



Joy Behar, the TV host of “The View” decided to attack Donald Trump and question his mental health on live TV.

During the episode, Joy Behar stated that Trump will introduce a “mental illness” to the White House. The story first started off after Whoopi Goldberg discussed the same topic by quoting Jon Stewart. Stewart said about Trump that, “just like President Obama didn’t change and fix everything when he was in office, President Trump can’t ruin everything.”


“Do you know how much damage he [Trump] can do in four years?” Behar exclaimed. “Do you have any idea? Trump has no experience, [Steve] Bannon has no experience in politics.”

“Yeah, but this new administration is bringing in something in we haven’t seen in a long time,” Goldberg said.

“Mental illness,” Behar interjected. “Sorry, I couldn’t control myself.”

“Maybe we can still get him out, there’s a possibility,” she added. “It’s not that I don’t agree with him, he’s not right in the head. Donald Trump has never appeared stable to me when he has come on the show, no he has not.”

“He’s doing what he said and he’s turning the establishment on its head,” TV host Sarah Haines added. “But rather than new experience he’s bringing in no experience and you know and that’s scary.”
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