President Obama Appointed Judge Who Ordered Michigan Recount!

Michigan Recount

Michigan Recount

Well it comes as no surprise to us that Judge Bridget Mary McCormack, who accepted Jill Stein’s initiative to do a recount, is directly connected to Barack Obama.

Here’s what it says in Wikipedia:

“McCormack is married to University of Michigan Law School professor Steven P. Croley, currently on leave serving in the Obama Administration as a deputy White House counsel. The couple has four children.”

Deputy White House counsel!!! — that is exactly right.

This is clear sign that Obama and his administration will not let the elections go and are ready to play some dirty tricks on their way.

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  1. It was (federal) U.S. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith who ordered that the recount start early and then he vacated his order.

    McCormack is in a totally different court system: the Michigan Supreme Court and was elected. As a state supreme court justice (not a judge), she is one of seven votes.

    As of now, the state supreme court has not issued any decisions on any of the election cases.

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