Obama Just Can’t Stop With More Regulations Read What He’s Done NOW!




President Obama is leaving the White House in January, but he keeps pushing his liberal agenda on us. Hasn’t he learned that Americans are fed up with regulations?

As Conservative Tribune reports, that the 10-year regulatory burden on American people now went over $1 trillion.

New Environmental Protection Agency regulations on trucks were the last straw. The regulation costs are now over $1 trillion.

It’s estimated that the new regulations will cost each American additional $3,080, or $450 a year.

You have to thank Obama for all this.

Obama has the right to release any kind of “payment” he likes. This could include less jobs, high taxes… Everything negative that pops on your mind, and it has to be associated with corrupt federal government.

The report says that the paperwork will take 754,208,700 hours.

Given that a year consists of 8,760 hours, the paperwork will be done in 86,097 years or 377,000 people who will have to work full-time at 2,000 hours per week.

And you can bet that this won’t be the last regulation Obama signs before he leaves the Oval Office.

So, let’s just make our lives even more miserable, right Obama?

Unlike Obama, Trump is cutting back the federal regulations. That’s what he promised during the campaign.

America can’t afford these costs. The government is literally abusing the right to issue regulations.

Do you think that it’s time to change things? In a better way? America needs this, so it’s up to us to help it get out of the crisis. We made our choice.



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