Hillary Clinton’s Recount Ends Up In A Massive Humiliation!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Delusional Hillary Clinton really had high hopes for this recount process. She still dreams of getting in the White House, now how stupid is that?

However, the recount failed. Wisconsin supported trump, again. Hillary hoped to get a few more votes in Michigan, relying on the minority areas.

Michigan cancelled the recount. Does Hillary know that Trump would have become stronger in Michigan?

And Pennsylvania only adds to the humiliation.

Philadelphia was Hillary’s only hope, and she got 5. Yes, you got that one right. 5 VOTES.

The position of Stein and Trump didn’t change at all. So, wasn’t it enough? Won’t you give us a break, Hillary?

Green Party’s Jill Stein is worried about the low numbers. So, all that money went for nothing.

She sued Pennsylvania in federal court because her requirement was refused. Well, we agreed that it’s just a waste of people’s money.

Stein got short of money, and Hillary‘s recount tour is about to end.

Here’s where the 5 votes came from:

“Paper provisional or absentee ballots that were undetected by the optical scanner that counted votes in the days following the election.  Which could happen when people don’t mark their choices clearly, or use a green highlighter instead of a pen or pencil. “People do ridiculous things… all the time,” City Commissioner Al Schmidt said.

Can Hillary just imagine how many families could she feed with all that money?

And what did she get instead? 5 votes.

Shame on you, Hillary.

Is this how you do things? Hillary spent people’s money on nothing. Where will this end? What will happen next?



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