HOW DARE China Insult Trump And America!

China Insult Trump

China Insult Trump

It began with our President-elect’s phone call with Taiwan. China got mad and they released an article in People’s Daily Newspaper, saying that Trump WILL NOT make America great again.

“Provoking friction and messing up China-US relations won’t help “make America great again,” it said on the front page of the paper.

And that’s not all, the Chinese Global Times statement was much worse. “Inability to keep his mouth shut” and triggering “provocation and falsehoods.” This is just part of the disgraceful statement.

As Liberty Writers News reports, Trump’s tweets only added fuel to the flames.

The Chinese government is only profits on cheap slave labor. Well, this is about to end!

Americans should defend their beliefs, and stop China from practicing slavery. Yes, and the abuse of women in Saudi Arabia.

The world doesn’t need words. It’s actions that matter. Let’s stand behind everything we said, and respect our Human rights, values and democracy. Trump is gonna help us pass through this.

What do you think of China’s attitude towards our President-elect? This is more than disgrace and rudeness. Are we gonna do something to stop this?


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