Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Opposes Trump! Supports Illegal Criminals Instead!

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel

Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel keeps ignoring our President-elect’s proposals on the immigration issue, and on Friday, the mayor announced that his city is going to protect immigrants and refugees who are at risk of being deported.

Emanuel created a fund to support immigrants legally, which allows them to stay in the US. As The Daily Caller reports, around 150,000 Chicago residents are illegals.

Trump said that he would cut off funds to cities who host immigrants, and protect them from ICE agents responsible for their deportation. But, Emanuel is a former White House chief of staff during Obama’s presidency, and he believes that the President-elect will have so much going in his mind – “they will make a choice that this is not the battle they want to take on.”

Several big city mayors announced to avoid Trump’s program to take 3 million criminal illegals out of the country. This came out right after the elections.

Do you think the President-elect will allow this? Do you approve the residency of these criminals? Is it safe to have these people around your neighborhood?


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