Jill Stein Gets Slammed In This Fox News Video!

Jill Stein

Jill Stein

Is Jill Stein maybe still hoping to get her recount.

As Young Conservative reports, Stein’s laughable recount efforts made her more popular than the campaign itself.

But, America is tired of her lies and empty stories.

And Chris Wallace is tired, too!

From Breitbart:

When Stein claimed “the American people” were calling for the recount, Wallace asked where did Stein “get off” saying the American people are calling for a recount.

Wallace challenged Stein several times asking, “How many votes did you get?”

What on Earth was Stein thinking when she said that American people need the recount?

Let’s just finish the story, cause it’s nothing but a waste of people’s time and money.

Jill Stein has no chances of getting Trump down. The only thing she will get is a huge embarrassment.

Do you think Stein should keep hoping to get a few more votes? Is her struggle real?


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