Good Job Liberals – Clinton’s Vote Recount Could Put Her Behind Bars

Clinton’s Vote Recount Could Put Her Behind Bars

Clinton’s Vote Recount Could Put Her Behind Bars

It’s common knowledge that Hillary Clinton took part in Jill Stein’s vote recount in the several key states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Now it appears that the chances of Hillary going to jail are not so slim after all.

This is how that can happen:

As one book soon to be published states; President Obama told Hillary to “concede.”This was the final blow to Hillary’s campaign, as it became evidently clear that she was goint to lose these states.

Trump was obviously touched by the “lovely,” as he called it, conversation with Hillary.  “It was a tough call for her. She couldn’t have been nicer. She’s very strong and very smart,” said Trump for “60 Minutes” on CBS News. After the election it seems that something changed in Trump considering his willingness to investigate his former rival.

However, Hillary did not seem to appreciate Trump’s cordial attitude and reluctance to prosecute her which only shows one more negative trait of her nature, that of ingratitude.

During the weekend, Clinton’s campaign stated that they will assist the vote recount in swing states in a fruitless attempt of shortening Trump’s fairly won more than 270 electoral votes, thus taking away his upcoming presidential tenure.

This decision of Hillary’s is too confusing. She herself is placing a risk on her freedom by trying to recount votes, and could easily trigger Trump’s former anger towards her when he was dead serious about hiring a special prosecutor to investigate her criminal past.

Trump expressed his opinions on Twitter, reminding Hillary that she already conceded the election. However, Trump was reminded that retribution is two-sided, and that he can continue with his plan of hiring the special prosecutor.

However, it is far too early to go into detail about this situation, and it remains to be seen how Trump decides to handle Hillary’s insolence.

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