BREAKING: It’s Official The Michigan Winner Is…..

Michigan Winner

Michigan Winner

The liberals have gone head over heels to try and undermine President-elect Donald Trump. Ever since the elections ended, the Democrats were trying to impose a recount in three main states and Michigan was one of them.

The Clinton supporters alongside her administration have been so convinced they lost to a rigged vote that they demanded a recount. Michigan was especially important in this process since Clinton though it was ‘her’ state. The state had a strong impact on the presidency with 16 electoral votes in total.

Now those dreams are over for the liberals.

The race was more than tight in Michigan this cycle, but Trump led by 10,704 votes.

On Wednesday, the Secretary of State announced the results after they were submited the previous night.

These results will be official today, after the state’s Board of Canvassers certifies them. The rest of the states’ votes and the entire statistic will be announced on December 19.

Trump won the electoral vote in the state to a 306 count. A total of 270 were required so trump could become president.

Thanks Michigan!

Source American News


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