Donald Trump Just Announced That Sarah Palin Is Gonna Be His…

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Tea Party activist and conservative icon Sarah Palin is a Tea Party activist, and some consider her a huge conservative icon. Palin is the vocal supporter of Donald Trump, and it seems like the President-elect is willing too award her loyalty.

The former Vice Presidential candidate can take the position of  Secretary of Veterans Affairs:

Palin has been associated with tons of rumors lately. Her son served in Iraq War, and she is a strong supporter of our military.

Donald Trump promised to revamp our country’s VA. According to him, the veterans get a disgraceful treatment at the moment. Pete Hegseth is also considered to take this position.

Hegseth had a specific view of the issue:

In her tweet, Palin supported American vets, which added to the speculations about the VA.

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