Democrat News Media Encourage Protesters To Burn The American Flag!

flag burning

flag burning

These elections caused a pretty huge mess, and some people seem to dislike the outcome of the process. Riots, fires, scandals… Protesters burned the American flag… Can it get worse? Of course! But, President-elect Trump had something to say about these incidents.

He said that those who “violate” the biggest American value, and burn the flag will have to face charges. We strongly agree on this one, that’s for sure.

It seems like not everyone agrees with the President-elect. Yes, we’re talking about the liberals and their biased media.

MTV News was the first to comment Trump’s ban. According to them, burning a flag is a way to express deep disagreement. What on Earth… How can the Constitution approve such a “gesture”? This is wrong in so many aspects!

Check for yourself:

This is just what liberals do. They’d approve anything that protesters do.

Let’s stop this! America doesn’t need incidents like this. It’s time to make things better, and that doesn’t involve burning the American flag.

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